Gehirnjogging mit dem Klangkoffer

Norient Snap by Uno

Musikvermittlung 2.0: Die App «Memoreille» verbindet in einem Sound-Memory Kompositionen von zeitgenössischen Klangkünstlern und experimentellen Musikerinnen. Rezension und Portrait von drei ausgewählten Levels.

Author: Hannes Liechti
Quote: Hannes Liechti
Design: Uno
Sound: Strutter Inst.
Remix: Alexander Dmitriev

Five Video Clips from Germany Vol. 1

Norient Snap by Ali Kazmi

Deutsche Bands gehen «Huckepack» und inszenieren Video-Clips anderer Bands. Trümmer und Tocotronic machens in Clips von den Goldenen Zitronen und den Nerven vor. Daneben geht es in dieser Videoliste um Planung und Gentrifizierung.

Author: Christoph Jacke
Design: Ali Kazmi
Sound: Ali Kazmi

Five Video Clips from Morocco

Norient Snap by Juliana Adhikary

A video journey through a country which is hovering between modernity and tradition, between eastern and western influences, between traditional Moroccan music and modern styles such as hip hop, reggae and dubstep.

Author: Anne Haack
Quote: Anne Haack
Design: Juliana Adhikary
Photo: Adam Jones/Wikimedia
Sound: Soultana
Remix: Miss Auto

Five Video Clips from Afghanistan

Norient Snap by fertig design

After the Taliban Regime made the playing and hearing of music illegal and impossible, in the past 12 years music in Afghanistan has come back to life and taken a new and modern path. There is no place in the country, where you don’t hear new hits.

Author: Lisa Akbary
Quote: Lisa Akbary
Design: fertig design
Photo: ANBI/Wikimedia
Remix: Daniel Jakob

Five Video Clips from Ethiopia

Norient Snap by Shadharon Chobi

Internet connection troubles took Addis Abeba based musician Ethiopian Records several weeks to finish his video selection for Norient. «It was not easy finding videos after 2013 – some are older», he wrote us and here is what he finally digged out.

Author: Ethiopian Records
Quote: Ethiopian Records
Design: Shadharon Chobi
Photo: Yonatan Solomon/Wikimedia
Sound: Vanga Sound System

Five Video Clips from Namibia

Norient Snap by Ahmad Hammoud

Ein Land zwischen Tradition und Moderne, zwischen Kwaito und Afropop, zwischen Bling Bling und Stammestracht. Das ist Namibia, wie es uns der in Deutschland lebende namibische Rapper EES in seiner musikalischen Videoschau zeigt.

Author: EES
Quote: EES
Design: Ahmad Hammoud
Photo: G Carus/Wikipedia
Sound: Kinda Hassan

Rapping Against the Common Sense

Norient Snap by !Mediengruppe Bitnik

«It's like a deformed anger which comes out us», says Wanlov the Kubolor, one half of the Ghanaian rap duo FOKN Bois. With his musical partner M3nsa he talks about their visions and their way of doing art in a religious context.

Author: Thomas Burkhalter, Maame Adjei
Design: !Mediengruppe Bitnik
Sound: Göldin & Bit-Tuner

Five Video Clips from Indonesia

Norient Snap by Juliana Adhikary

Warning: This list is very political – and very loud. It's about greed, honesty, corruption and – what else could it be - love. We see a country which is likely home to the most massive hard rock, metal, and punk scenes in Asia.

Author: Jeremy Wallach
Quote: Jeremy Wallach
Design: Juliana Adhikary
Photo: Ice Cream Attack
Sound: Burgerkill
Remix: Miss Auto

Facing Racism and Sensationalism


Hamed Sinno is the lead singer of the Lebanese alternative rock band Mashrou' Leila. In this podcast he talks about belonging, identity, and representation. And about what does it mean to make music as a Lebanese artist in a global context.

Author: Ziad Nawfal
Quote: Ziad Nawfal
Design: Safwan Subzwari
Sound: Aam Taateel

Overthrust: Exotismus im Death Metal


Die botswanische Death Metal-Band Overthrust tourte 2016 durch Deutschland. Sie trafen auf offene Ohren, aber auch geschlossene Weltbilder. War es der Kunst-Kontext des Theaters, der den Exotismus-Faktor offenbarte?

Author: Dominik Irtenkauf
Quote: Dominik Irtenkauf
Design: Safwan Subzwari
Sound: Aam Taateel

In Ghana, Stromae Wouldn't Be Lonely

Norient Snap by Ali Sayah

I was thoroughly fooled by Stromae’s video for «Formidable» the first time I saw it. I found Stromae to be very intelligent, beautiful, meticulous and his music made me want to dance. A commentary from a Sub-Saharan perspective.

Author: Wanlov The Kubolor
Quote: Wanlov The Kubolor
Design: Ali Sayah
Sound: Stromae
Remix: Ali Sayah