Singing in the Streets of Jakarta

Norient Snap by Purple Bear

«Jalanan» shows the tale of three street buskers out of the Indonesian capital Jakarta, using vivid storytelling methods of reality television.

Author: Jeremy Wallach
Design: Purple Bear
Remix: Gudao

8-Bit Music from Europe

Norient Snap by Uno

Europe in 8 Bits explores the colorful world of chipmusic. Passionate musicians turn old video games hardware into surprising musical instruments.

Author: Marilou Polymeropoulou
Quote: Marilou Polymeropoluou
Design: Uno
Sound: Alexander Dmitriev

Karachi Noise


In Karachi, Pakistan, very early in the morning, you hear the birds. Then, around seven, buses and rickshaws tune in. Then more and more people. They don’t talk here, they yell. A short quote from the Norient book «Seismographic Sounds».

Author: Daniel Arthur Panjwaneey
Quote: Daniel Arthur Panjwaneey
Design: Safwan Subzwari
Sound: Aam Taateel

Black MIDI: Notes Like Bullets

There is a ysterious beauty in waching millions of colorfu bars falling down the screen.

An average pop song counts around one thousand notes, while a typical Black MIDI track is several millions. Black MIDI composers – called «Blackers» – try to challenge computers, ears, and eyes with enormous numbers of super-short and dense notes.

Author: Raffael Dörig
Quote: Rafael Dörig
Design: Safwan Subzwari
Sound: Aam Taateel
Remix: Aam Taateel

Lonely Artists Today: Jonathan Ward

Norient Snap by Ali Sayah

Jonathan Ward is the founder of the free music archive Excavated Shellac (USA). In this short quote from the Norient book «Seismographic Sounds» he tells about what makes him feeling lonely as a music enthusiast.

Author: Norient
Quote: Jonathan Ward
Design: Ali Sayah
Sound: Ali Sayah

Five Video Clips from Spain

Norient Snap by Purple Bear

Spain scholar Cande Sánchez Olmos from Alicante discusses video clips from her country which are advertising popular brands. This might become a problem for the viewer: he or she cannot easily distinguish commercials from cultural objectives.

Author: Cande Sánchez Olmos
Design: Purple Bear
Sound: Junn

Musik wie gut fortgeschrittene Verwesung

Norient Snap by Juliana Adhikary

Der Schweizer Rudolf will mit seiner Noise-Musik Hirnwellen verändern und unser Bewusstsein erweitern. Für Norient stellt er sein neues Album «Brainnectar» vor und spricht über die Zusammenarbeit mit der Japanerin Junko Hiroshige.

Author: Hannes Liechti
Quote: Rudolf
Design: Juliana Adhikary
Photo: ulleo/Pixabay
Sound: Rudolf
Remix: Ayurvedik Sounds

Five Video Clips from Mexico

Norient Snap by Sejma Fere

Clips, compiled by Australian author Moses Iten, between field recordings, Reggaeton and Cumbia. Beginning with one of our long time favorites, a sci-fi shaving odyssey starting from the heights of Machu Picchu.

Author: Moses Iten
Quote: Moses Iten
Design: Sejma Fere
Photo: Javier Lourenco, Santiago Dulce, Juan Salvarredy
Sound: Marija Balubdzic Umbra

Five Video Clips from South Korea

Norient Snap by Shadharon Chobi

Since the rise of Psy the whole world now knows about Korea's vivid music scene. But there's a lot more to the scene than just «Gangnam Style»: Hyunjoon Shin shows us some highlights between Seoul and Busan.

Author: Hyunjoon Shin
Quote: Shin Hyunjoon
Design: Shadharon Chobi
Photo: ML
Sound: Miss Auto

Meta-Pop: Das Ende der Auskenner

Norient Snap by Arlene

Solange Pop seine eigenen Spielregeln thematisiert, wird schon etwas Gutes herauskommen – für Ariel Pink oder das britische Künstlerkollektiv PC Music gilt diese Formel nicht mehr.

Author: Christian Werthschulte
Design: Arlene
Photo: Anders Jensen-Urstad
Sound: Junn

Die körperliche Heftigkeit von Joke Lanz

Norient Snap by fertig design

Nach 25 Jahren hat Joke Lanz sein Soloprojekt Sudden Infant in eine Band transformiert. Geblieben sind die Energie und Radikalität eines Performers, der alles gibt. Ein Portrait über einen Musiker zwischen Abgrund und Menschlichkeit.

Author: Pirmin Bossart
Quote: Joke Lanz
Design: fertig design
Photo: Martin Baumgartner
Sound: Daniel Jakob