1+1=5 Tracks from Lomé: «Wake Up»

Norient Snap by fertig design

Another track from the 1+1 recording week in Lomé, Togo. Furthermore Benjamin LeBrave, founder of the Akwaaba record label in Accra, talked to 1+1 featured artist Yao Bobby about state pressure and his way to keep on standing straight.

Author: Benjamin LeBrave
Quote: Yao Bobby
Design: fertig design
Photo: Simon Grab
Sound: Yao Bobby & Edgar Sekloka
Remix: Daniel Jakob

Island Fever: Darker Than You’d Think


In the context of the new recording project 1+1 by Norient and Sound Development, one of the first female Iranian rappers Salome MC and multilingual rapper Shing02 worked together in Honolulu for one week.

Author: Jackie Perreira
Quote: Jackie Perreira
Design: Safwan Subzwari
Sound: Aam Taateel

Fragmentary Presence

Norient Snap by Safwan Subzwari

The photo series on the Bolivian underground punk band Gato Diablo represents the band's constant search for new places. It is a fragmentary, urban spirit, deeply rooted in tradition that speaks out to us here.

Author: Katyussa Veiga
Quote: Katyussa Veiga
Design: Safwan Subzwari
Sound: Aam Taateel

Karima 2G: A Racist Antidote


With her video «Orangutan» Italian artist and activist Karima 2G responded on racist comments of Italian politicians in the context of the election of Italy's first black government minister Cécile Kyenge in 2013.

Author: Emma Dabiri
Quote: Karima 2G
Design: Safwan Subzwari
Sound: Karima 2G
Remix: Aam Taateel

From Clubmusic to Permaculture

Norient Snap by meLê Yamono

The electronic musician FIS combines broken rhythms derived from somnambulant drum & bass and cinematic melodies with notions of a futurist naturalism. Martyn Pepperell talked to him about noise, permaculture and perfect harmony.

Author: Martyn Pepperell
Quote: Oliver Perryman
Design: meLê Yamono
Photo: Sophie Schnell
Sound: Morgan Sully

Heavy Metal Queens


In Botswana, heavy metal is a subversive form of self-expression, especially if the fans are female. The South African photographer Paul Shiakallis captured the metal «queens» in their homes. Norient spoke to him about his experiences with the Marok.

Author: Philipp Rhensius
Quote: Philipp Rhensius
Design: Safwan Subzwari
Sound: Aam Taateel

Speaking Hip Hop Vernacular

Speaking Hip Hop Vernacular
Speaking Hip Hop Vernacular

What happens when Salome MC, one of the first female Iranian rappers meets bilingual MC Shing02 from Hawaii, Honolulu? Watch the video documentary from the 1+1 project on the production of the collaborative track «Passenger».

Author: Norient
Design: Studio Otwarte
Photo: Studio Otwarte
Sound: Salome MC & Shing02

1+1 EP Release: «Ispasskoi?»

Grab EP Release ispasskoi
1+1 EP Release: «Ispasskoi?»

Within a hyperactive week of studio recording in Lomé Togo, Yao Bobby and Edgar Sekloka produced 5 tracks from scratch – together with skilled musicians and a patient sound engineer. The EP «Ispasskoi?» is available for download via Bandcamp for free.

Author: Simon Grab
Design: Studio Owarte
Sound: Yao Bobby & Edgar Sekloka

Awesome Tapes from Bhutan

Norient Snap by Ali Sayah

Bhutan is a tiny kingdom in the himalayas and not really known for experimental music. But due to Ed Linton and his net label «Avant-Garbe Records» there is a growing music scene with a love for weird sounds.

Author: Hannes Liechti
Design: Ali Sayah
Sound: Ali Sayah

Dhaka's Electronic Music Scene

Norient Snap by Imtiaz Nasir

Dhaka is the Detroit of Bangladesh. But before the city produced its own independent scene, british bengalis layed the ground for one of the most influential music styles in the 90s: Asian Underground. 

Author: Faisal Mohammed Khan
Quote: Faisal Mohammed Khan
Design: Imtiaz Nasir
Sound: The B Regiment and Shariful Islam

Shopping Is Civil War

Snap by Arlene

Supermarkets are a popular setting for music videos. The cultural theorist John Hutnyk comments on this and presents a kind of a Marxist theory of shopping.

Author: John Hutnyk
Quote: John Hutnyk
Design: Arlene
Sound: ivolipa/freesound