about this beta version

Enjoy this Beta-Version of the upcoming Norient Space. You get access to the full site. On the final site, search functions, index, archive and researcher space will be restricted for non-subscribers. The final version of «The Now In Sound» is planned to go online in late spring 2020.

Please write us to beta@norient.com and provide feedback, criticism, or praise so that we can improve the Beta-Version and create the Norient Space.

Please be aware:

  • This beta-site has not been tested yet (e.g. user journey, speed). Especially the version for mobile phone will need a lot of updates. 

  • This beta-site consists of the content Norient published between 2002 + 2019. In the future, we will keep a main focus on subcultural music worldwide, but we plan a stronger focus on sounds, noises and voices of the now – e.g. sounds and noises from cities, nature and fauna, reflections about mainstream phenomena, Neue Musik, post-human grooves.

  • We will fill up the archive and researcher space with more content, and we are currently discussing collaborations with various universities.

Support the new Norient!

With your contributions, we can create new content, pay fair fees to our contributors worldwide, increase the quality, and introduce experimental formats.

Support via PayPal (free amount): www.paypal.me/norientspace

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Our Vision for the final Norient Space

    The Norient Space aims to contribute to renew and reinvent music journalism, bring music research to people, and save (sub)cultural diversity, with its focus on (niche) music and sound worldwide. It is an online magazine for the future, a platform to support other thinkers, artists, journals and media, and an audio-visual gallery between art and academia. - Our post-critical world needs visionary thinkers and artists - and strong, independent, non-profit platforms to promote their work and thought. Only together can we defy algorithms and filter bubbles – and tell new stories that are heard far and wide.