9th Norient Musikfilm Festival 2019

9th NMFF

The Norient Musikfilm Festival is back. After a year off, the 9th edition took place between January 10 and 13, 2019, in Switzerland (Bern, St. Gallen, Lausanne), screening thirteen music films dealing with the current topics of migration, futurism, dance, tradition, cultural diplomacy, and war. The live acts and DJanes included Goodiepal & Pals, Dim Grimm (Dimlite), Kries, Clara!, and Bamz, who offered a musical spectrum ranging from Croatian folk, political performance, and sound experiments, to UK funky house and reggaetó. The 2019 festival opened with the documentary about English-Tamil world music 2.0 superstar “Matangi/Maya/M.I.A.,” which was nominated for the Sundance Film Festival.

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